Virtual Yoga Via Zoom

Technology is kinda cool! I'm so grateful to be able to offer you these classes!

You, wherever you are, can take my classes from the comfort of wherever you happen to be!

Video sharing is optional, but very much appreciated. I like being able to glance and see all of your beautiful selves moving through class. I am mindful of you all as you navigate class, providing personal cues as needed. Plus with video we can all feel more like we are all together.

You will be muted upon arrival. I request that you do mute yourself for class, but you can unmute yourself and chat a bit while we are waiting for everyone to join.


This page shows all my virtual classes: my own donation-based offerings as well as the classes I lead on behalf of YogifyU in North Dakota. Descriptions below will indicate details for each class.

For YogifyU, classes are still on Zoom, you just need to pre-register and pre-pay. Their classes are $7 each. They will email you the link to class anywhere from 15-60 minutes prior to class.


For my own assortment classes, contributing is up to you! I value my community all having access to yoga regardless of what they are able to contribute. Should you like to donate towards my efforts, you can use Venmo at @Christina-Loiacono-1 (phone #6838) or PayPal at I thank you all for your continued support.

Virtual Power Flow


Class: 5:30-6:45pm

Essentially the same as my Tuesday Flow + Strength - just a different name. This class is offered virtually through YogifyU out of Minot, ND. It is $7 to drop in and requires advanced reservations. The link to the zoom meeting will be emailed to you the day of class, no later than 15 minutes before class. Please book at least 30 minutes prior to class to ensure we have time to get you the link.

Register: Click Here

Virtual Gentle Yoga


Class: 9-9:45am

Perfect for beginners and experienced students alike! We focus on gentle movements and safe options to build strength in our asana. This includes options to use a variety of props for added support! It for anyone, but especially newer students as well as those looking to maintain healthy range of movement as they age. 

Tuesday/Thursday Log In: Click Here

Virtual Yoga Flow + Strength


Class: 7-8pm

We will work through a vinyasa-inspired flow, connecting our movement with our breath to challenge, strengthen and stretch our bodies. We will focus on postures and supportive exercises that build overall strength, including core awareness. This class will be vigorous, however we will always offer options for those who want to take it a bit slower. Join as you are - we will work towards our goals together.

Log In: Click Here

Virtual Chakra Yoga 


Class: 6-7pm

We can think of chakras as our energy stations, and just like we want our blood to flow, it's important to keep the energy moving within us. We will work our way up the spine as weeks progress. This is a class series, but each class serves as a wonderful individually-themed yoga session as well. We will reflect on where we are at and we will incorporate all sorts of yoga tools including mudras (hand gestures), mantras (empowering phrases), asana (postures) and breathwork or pranayama. Class is appropriate for most physical levels.


Themes will follow this schedule:

  • 8/5 Grounding

  • 8/12 Feeling and Expressing

  • 8/19 Taking Action

  • 8/26 Loving

  • 9/2 Speaking and Listening

  • 9/9 Intuition

  • 9/16 Awareness

Wednesday Log In: Click Here

Virtual Chair Yoga


Class: 9:15-9:45am

Ultra gentle! Please have chair nearby for this class. We will stretch in all directions using the support of a chair. Additionally we will use the chair for balancing work and stability for our common postures. It for anyone, even if you are a seasoned yogi, you never know what you might learn. Or simply join us to turn the outside world off for a while.

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Virtual Yoga - Friday Flow


Class: 9:15-10am

A shorter, vinyasa-inspired yoga flow. This class will feature a little bit of all the yoga: moving the spine in all directions, hip and hamstring stretches, and arm and core strength. A perfect way to end the work week!

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Special Classes

Stay Tuned

Next pop-up class will be towards the end of August. Check back to get the latest!

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