Virtual Yoga with Christina
Via Zoom

Welcome to my space!

Virtual is here to stay!


I'm so grateful to be able to offer you these classes!

You, wherever you are, can take my classes from the comfort of wherever you happen to be!

Video sharing is optional, but very much appreciated. I like being able to see all of your beautiful selves moving through class. Additionally, this allows me to provide personal cues as needed, which may further enhance your experience. Video also reminds us that while we have individual goals, we are part of a community and that we can make progress together!

You will be muted upon arrival. I request that you do mute yourself for class, but you can unmute yourself and chat a bit while we are waiting for everyone to join.



Classes will be donation-based through the summer of 2021.

I value my community all having access to yoga regardless of what they are able to contribute. Suggested investment: $5-$10 per class and I accept Venmo or PayPal.

Come autumn, I am hoping to have a user-friendly reservation system, allowing me to sustain these classes in the long-term. 


Let's Try it All!


Class 6-7pm PST

Week 4 in June will be rescheduled from Monday 6/28 at 6pm to 8am on Saturday 6/26

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We will repeat the following themes each month:

Week 1: Core + Restore

  We will start class by strengthening our core and progress into purposeful supported relaxation.

  Please have a variety of comfort items (blankets/blocks/bolsters) nearby for the restorative work.

Week 2: Rock Music Flow 

  We will work through a mixed-level flow class to some creative mainstream tunes.

Week 3: Energy Awareness Flow

  We will incorporate chakra balancing techniques, meridian tracing, tapping, and self-massage 

  to explore our ability to find more freedom for our bodies and clarity of our minds.

Week 4: All the Props

  A supportive and strong class.

  We will use all the stuff to increase our awareness of our engagement and release in our postures.

  Please have two blocks, a strap, chair, and a plan for a free wall space.

Virtual Gentle Yoga


Class: 9-9:45am PST


no class July 1st

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Perfect for beginners and experienced students alike! We focus on gentle movements and safe options to build strength in our asana. This class includes options to use a variety of items for added support! This class is for anyone, especially newer students as well as those looking to maintain healthy range of movement as they age. 

Recommended props: 2 blocks, strap (or scarf / belt), chair, blanket (or towel)

Primal Flow


5pm PST

no class June 30th

i am considering a bonus class to replace the cancellation: tbd

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Let's come together for a strong vinyasa practice with just a little something extra. We will move with purpose to build fire, working towards a peak posture. We will flow with our breath, feeling our body and mind connect as we move. We will move without judgement as we surrender into free release. Join me and let's explore together.  

Virtual Chair Yoga


Class: 8:15-8:45am PST

no class July 2nd.

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Ultra gentle! Please have a chair nearby for this class. We will stretch in all directions using the support of a chair. Additionally we will use the chair for balancing work and stability for our common postures. This class is for anyone, even if you are a seasoned yogi: you never know what you might learn! Or simply join us to turn the outside world off for a while.