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Concrete Yoga
Cibilo, Texas

Power Flow


7pm Central

This will be a strong vinyasa based class. Description coming soon.

Power Props


7pm Central

This is a strong class which will feature playful use of various props (blocks / straps / wall / etc.) to deepen, support, and strengthen the practice. This usage of props will allow for many variations and modifications for all levels, including ways to tap into your inner power and advance your practice. Class will also provide opportunities to flow with the breath in creative ways, for a full mind-body experience.

Class will focus on meeting each student where they are at, warming the body, and moving mindfully. If you are taking care of anything special or have a recent injury, please let the instructor know, and we will be happy to include additional options throughout.

Classes will also be streamed live, so you may attend from anywhere.

For pricing and more info on signing up, please visit their website.

What you need to know!

What to bring:

Classes include options to use a variety of items for added support - but for health and safety reasons we all have to bring our own! Please bring your own mat. You may also find use for a strap (scarf, belt, fitness band), a blanket (small pillow, bolster, cushion), and/or blocks (folding chair) - but these items are not required.





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