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One Core Fitness
Rosamond, CA

Monday Mixed-Level with Christina



We build our practice out of gentle movements and work mindfully to build strength in our asana. Options are often offered, empowering students with the power of choice as they navigate their practice. This allows newer students to grow and more experienced students to be challenged. Classes may also feature guided imagery, allowing us to work on embracing stillness and relax more deeply.

Wednesday Vinyasa with Frances



In this vinyasa class, we will seamlessly flow from one pose to another while linking to our breath and intention. Every Vinyasa class is unique, welcoming the body in the moment and creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible, and balanced. All levels are welcome, modifications are offered. 

Core + More with Christina



This class combines various Pilates, yoga and other fitness fun to strengthen the core. We will primarily be in positions on our bellies, backs, side lying, and kneeling. There is not a lot of up and down on and off the mat. We will conclude with restorative work, yin postures, and other expansive movements in search of deep stretching and release. In restorative we rest and work on simply being. In yin we hold shapes which produce more sensation, searching to gradually let go of any holding.

Thursday Chair Flow with Christina



Ultra gentle! We will stretch in all directions using the support of a chair. Additionally we will use the chair for balancing work and stability for our common postures. This class is for anyone, even if you are a seasoned yogi: you never know what you might learn! Or simply join us to turn the outside world off for a while.

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What you need to know!

What to bring:

Classes include options to use a variety of items for added support - but for health and safety reasons we all have to bring our own! Please bring your own mat. You may also find use for a strap (scarf, belt, fitness band), a blanket (small pillow, bolster, cushion), and/or blocks (folding chair) - but these items are not required.


Memberships can conveniently be purchased ahead of time online for the month. If you prefer to drop in one class at a time participants can Venmo @OneCore. .


If you are a new client, you will be required to sign a waiver. You will find it here. Page one is for new members. Page 2 is for everyone (members and drop ins). You may either print at home and bring with you, or you may electronically fill this out and email to Christina at and she will forward to One Core management.

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