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Christina is currently teaching yoga around California's Antelope Valley.


Christina has always had a love for understanding how different parts come together to work as a whole: she enjoys everything from jigsaw puzzles and baking to music and math. It’s no surprise that Christina found a love for yoga, a love for understanding the body and the mind, how they work together, and just how phenomenally capable they really are. She loves isolating different movements and reconstructing them in different ways.


Christina is dedicated to pursuing a career in yoga, hoping to use some of the tools that have helped her to help others. She truly believes yoga can be made to suit everyone. Whether her students’ intentions are to find strength, flexibility, peace, clarity, self-empowerment, or just some time to breathe and just be – her classes allow students to make choices toward accomplishing those goals.


Christina's science background might just be what makes her classes a bit unique and special, infusing energy, vibration and mindfulness into her classes.


May you honor the peace that lies deep within your heart ...

and may you always connect to the radiant light that surrounds you and protects you ... and with each step you take upon earth, may you understand your ability to heal

our earth, yourself, and all those who cross your path.

- Jiwan Kaur


RYT500, YogaFit Worldwide 

YogaFit for Warriors 100 Hour Trauma Sensitive Teacher Training

YogaFit for Wellness 100 Hour Teacher Training

40 Hour Sound Healing Training, Anahata Yoga Sound & Energy Healing

Buti Yoga, Certification Pending

Primal Flow, Certification Pending

CPR, American Heart Association



Class Locations:

Virtual Via Zoom

Outdoors on Edwards AFB

One Core Fitness, Rosamond, CA

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