Edwards Air Force Base

Donation Based Outdoor Classes

We are working around the wind and heat.

We hope to be in the gym again soon.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this journey.

Mixed Yoga Flow 

Tuesdays 6pm

Fridays 7am

We will work through a vinyasa-inspired flow, connecting our movement with our breath in different ways to challenge, strengthen and stretch our bodies. While each class will be different, each class will aim to move our spines in all directions, stretch our hips and hamstrings, and strengthen our arms and core. Options can be offered for those who want to take it a bit slower. Join as you are - we will work towards our goals together.

What you need to know!

Where to go:

We will be meeting underneath the big shady trees near the playground at the intersection of Forbes Ave. and Mitchell St. that is across from APET. There is a gravel parking area.


Face coverings:

We are no longer requiring face coverings. Please do still try to select a spot for class that is at least 6 feet away from your neighbor. Please refrain from ANY physical contact, including elbow bumps, with anyone that is not a member of your immediate household. To support our friends we recommend air hugs and verbal encouragement.

Bring your own stuff:

At this time we are not able to share any of our extra yoga props or mats. Please bring your own mat for class. If you do not have a mat, a beach towel can work great. In fact, some students may like a blanket or towel under their mat as an extra layer between you and the grass. We will do our best to cue work in the class that can all be done without props, but if you have your own goodies (blocks/strap/blanket/bolster), please go ahead and bring them because we love them. If we see students with them, we might toss in some options for fun ways the items can be used to enhance the practice.

Checking in:

Signing in will be touch free! Instructors will keep track. If you are new with us, please make sure to come introduce yourself.


These classes will be donation-based. We suggest contributing $5-10 per person per class. To keep things simple, Christina will process contributions for all classes, so whether you donate by the month or by the class, she will ensure that donations are passed along to Frances. Donations will be accepted electronically only through either Venmo at @Christina-Loiacono-1 (phone #6838) or PayPal at yogawchristina@gmail.com.

Prenatal Yoga:

While we do not offer prenatal yoga specifically, we find that many times we are able to include options for prenatal students with normal healthy pregnancies in our general classes. Please let us know if you are expecting so we can do our best to help you create a successful class experience. If you have any concerns with physical activity and your specific pregnancy, we recommend reaching out to your doctor. Please note that we do not recommend prenatal students in our Buti classes unless you have a very strong personal yoga practice prior to pregnancy.


This area does not have bathrooms. Please plan accordingly.