Edwards Air Force Base
@ the Rosburg Fitness Center
Aerobics Room

We can accommodate 11 students plus instructor. 
Masks required. 

To reserve your space ahead of time please click here

Frances will be out 1/10 and 1/11.
We are currently operational in HPCON B+
Should we go to HPCON C we most likely will not be. Stay tuned.

Vinyasa Flow with Frances

Monday 6pm

In this vinyasa class, we will seamlessly flow from one pose to another while linking to our breath and intention. Every class will be unique, welcoming where the body is in the moment, creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible, and balanced. All levels are welcome, modifications are offered. 

Power/Sculpt with Frances

Tuesday 6pm

This class offers strength postures that will have us moving, breathing, and sweating! We will focus on building and engaging our core strength to support us in more advanced postures. Yoga sculpt strengthens, balances, and exhilarates the body and mind. A mix of light weights, resistance bands, slider discs and yoga blocks will be used. We will work together to find the perfect balance of both strength and conditioning as well as a slow flow vinyasa.  All levels are welcome, modifications are offered.

Candlelight Flow and Stretch with Christina

Wednesday 7pm

This class will be a slow flow in which we will incorporate restorative work, yin postures, and other expansive movements in search of deep stretching and release. In restorative we rest and work on simply being. In yin we hold shapes which produce more sensation, searching to gradually let go of any holding. Class will be led with the lights off, with each mat receiving a battery operated candle to illuminate the space just enough. We will conclude each class with sound relaxation through live symphonic gong, crystal singing bowls, and/or tongue drum. 

Primal Flow with Christina

Thursday 6pm

Let's come together for a strong vinyasa practice with just a little something extra. We will move with purpose to build fire, working towards a peak posture. We will flow with our breath, feeling our body and mind connect as we move. We will move without judgement as we surrender into free release. Join me and let's explore together.  

Mixed Level Flow with Christina

Friday 6am


This class will be a vinyasa-inspired flow. We will connect our movement with our breath in different ways to both strengthen and stretch our bodies while expanding and centering  our minds. While each class will be different, each class will aim to engage with the entire body. We will move our spines in all directions, find release in our hips, stretch our legs, and strengthen our arms and core. Options will be offered for those who want to take it a bit slower. Join as you are - we will work towards our goals together.


Rosburg Fitness Center

Bldg. 2200

210 Popson Ave.

Edwards, CA 93523

Payment made in building 2200. Class held in the Aerobics Room (across the parking lot / to the right of the pool)


$5 per class

$30 per calendar month, per instructor

Please pay at the gym front desk and bring your receipt number to write in on our sign-in sheet. Please arrive a few minutes early if you need to pay day of. Classes may be paid in advance in bulk, but must all be used within that calendar month or you lose the paid value. That's an AF rule, not our rule.


Payment can be made by cash, card, check or gift certificate. Though we do encourage cash if possible as the card reader is not always reliable. 


We will provide:

yoga blocks

yoga straps

yoga blankets

yoga bolsters

Straps, blankets, and bolsters will be laundered after every use, so please follow instructor guidance as to which items will be needed for each class.


Blocks will be wiped down after each use and may be used to support your practice in every class.

The gym does have some mats. These may be borrowed and wiped down after use.

We do encourage bringing your own items if you have them.

We follow the current base Covid protocol. Indoors we are able to accommodate 11 students plus the instructor. We are to maintain as much space as possible between students within the space. Face coverings are required.